Friday, September 27, 2013


Zip-lining was AMAZING!!!!!!  My MOM rocked it.  Everything in me screamed do not step over that edge that is 300 ft off the ground & the next platform is so friggin far away that you only know the person  ahead of you made it because the hum on the zip-line is quiet but, my Mom is being brave so I PULLED UP MY BIG GIRL PANTS & stepped off 5 scary platforms!!!( scariest 2 hours of my life)  Pictures may or may not follow but, wanted to keep ya'll up to date.  Picking Lerine up in Memphis tomorrow a.m.


  1. WOW...just like an episode of the AMAZING Race! Safe travels to Memphis.

  2. Pictures will follow, promise! -Julia "The Zipline Pro"

    1. Hey "Zip-line Pro"great to here from you!!!! Hope you are enjoying the culinary pleasures of Cinncinati. Didnt tell you when I met you( too much on my mine lol) but, my Mom & I had our own catering company for 20 years & I had my own restaurant. No pressure with regard to pictures,if not for or family we would have none. Safe travels

  3. Heyyyy. It's Kate. C just sent me the link to your blog and I started reading from day one. So proud of you and of your mom. I've always wanted to zipline!